Member of the Knesset in Al-Arabiya: The Brotherhood’s involvement in the Israeli government has die crossed red lines

Israeli Knesset member Sami Abu Shehadeh confirmed in exclusive statements to Al-Arabiya that: Participation of the Brotherhood in an Israeli government Cross the red lines.

Abu Shehadeh pointed out that die Participation in an Israeli government was a departure from the Palestinian consensus, stressing that “it is for die Palestinians within Israel is incomprehensible to participate in an Israeli government “.

describe Participation of the United Arab Movement in an Israeli government Abu Shehadeh also called “dangerous” that “what Mansour Abbas did by participating in an Israeli government is an insult”.

Joining the United Arab List Led by Mansour Abbas to a coalition government in Israel The first step of this kind for an Arab party in the Hebrew state, but it doesn’t enjoy it die Support for other Arab parties.

And spread on Wednesday evening in a photo on social media showing Mansour Abbas smiling with centrist opposition leader Yair Lapid and right-wing extremist leader Naftali Bennett.

The common goal of the two sides to assert themselves against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu helped put Mansour Abbas on die bring political stage, being die small Islamist faction achieved a narrow majority for Jewish parties, die hoped to oust Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister.

MK Sami Abu Shehadeh added at his meeting with Al-Arabiya that “what Mansour Abbas does gives to the fascist right in Israel legitimacy. “

He said: “Mansour Abbas represents die Government of Israel before the Palestinians inside “and stressed that”die Israeli Street does not accept the accession of an Islamic movement to the government “.

Abbas, 47, put aside his differences with the new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, the former leader of a large Jewish settlement organization and proponent of the annexation of most of the occupied West Bank.

Abbas, who works as a dentist, hopes die Improve conditions for Arab citizens, die talk about discrimination and neglect die Government complain.

In a message to his supporters following the signing of the coalition agreement with Bennett and opposition leader Yair Lapid, he said his faction had decided to join the government “in order to change the balance of political power in the country”.

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