Members of the United States Congress in Lebanon to discuss the economic crisis

A group of members of the United States Congress held meetings today, Saturday, with senior leaders from Lebanon, as part of a fact-finding mission to the Middle Eastern country, devastated by an unprecedented economic crisis.

Delegates will need to report to US President Joe Biden and Congress and suggest ways to help the Lebanese people.

The new government of the country, in in office since September, he is struggling to initiate reforms and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

The US delegation includes Representative Daryl Issa, a Republican from California, Republican Representative Darren Lahoud of Illinois, and Edward Gabriel, head of the Washington-based American Action Group for Lebanon.

The three, who arrived on Friday and will spend three days in Lebanon, they met with President Michel Aoun.

Gabriel told local Al-Jadeed TV that members of Congress are in Beirut “to see for themselves” what’s going on. in Lebanon, and who hoped they would “bring new ideas” about ways in which the United States could help the Lebanese.

Next, the US delegation met with Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who thanked the US for supporting Lebanon and its continued support for the Lebanese army, according to Mikati’s office.

The Lebanon crisis has its roots in decades of corruption and mismanagement. The international community has said it intends to help the small country once sweeping reforms are implemented and endemic corruption is addressed.

The economic collapse in Lebanon began in late 2019 and was exacerbated by political disputes between rival groups that failed to launch reforms despite the crisis having culled three-quarters of the country’s population.

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