Meme of the opening ceremony of the Olympics: Tonga still not give a shirt

Meme of the opening ceremony of the Olympics: Tonga still not give a shirt

Malia and Pita lead Team Tonga during the opening ceremony. Um, yes, some viewers did in fact note Pita’s shiny torso.

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Despite the continuous coronavirus, the Tokyo Olympics are still happening, with the traditional opening ceremonies taking place on Friday in Japan, in front of a little in-public person. Although NBC has covered the ceremonies live in early in the morning on US TV, many viewers are likely to watch the retransmission, which will go in airs at 7:30 PM ET / PT on NBC and on the NBC Sports app and Here’s what to watch for.

Tonga is back

Just like at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea and the 2016 Games in Rio, one team stood in feet out. For the third Olympics in a row, taekwondo athlete Pita Taufatofua of Tonga won the world attention marching shirtless, with an oil-up chest and torso. (This was perhaps more awesome when he made it to the Winter Games 2018, but still attracts attention.)

Things were a little different this one year: Taufatofua wore a face mask, and he was joined from Malia Paseka, Tonga’s first Olympic woman a compete in taekwondo. He congratulated his teammate and flag mate.

“A special congratulations to our standard-bearer, Malia Paseka, “tweeted Taufatofua.” She did an amazing job leading the way for more participation of females and young in sport in Tonga. So proud of walk long side Our first always female Olympian of taekwondo! “

Fans were drawn to Tonga team.

“Clearly the best pair of flag bearer in the parade of Nations, “he wrote one Twitter user. “You are both fantastic!”

Another wrote, “** BREAKING ** TONGA WON THE OLYMPICS. We can all go. home Now.”

This year, Tonga was not alone in the oil-up athlete’s arena. Rower Riilio Rii from Vanuatu also pulled off the bare-chested and shiny look.

“Pita, we see you and we raise you”, the official The Twitter account of the Olympics wrote.

Now me know my ABC?

The countries usually queue in the stadium in alphabetical order. But when you look at this year, you may wonder if you too know the alphabet. This is because it is in the order used in Japan.

There are also some other variations. Greece, home of the original Olympics, leads the group, followed by the by Team of refugees, athletes from troubled countries whomi are mainly trained in Kenya. The US marches in towards the end, followed by France and then Japan, the host country. (If you want to follow long, Wikipedia has the order.)

Lot of who expected the teams to March in The ABC order was thrown.

“This order is crazy,” he wrote one Twitter user. “I clearly need to revisit the alphabet. “

Olympic pictograms

The various sports they were also shown by dressed artists in white and blue and nicknamed “human pictograms”, who recreate the icons used to represent each sport.

He wrote one Twitter user, “This live Wii action sports the menu was unexpected but much appreciated. “

Another said, “Give the pictogram team a GOLD. “

The opening ceremonies will be retransmitted in the United States on NBC at 7:30 PM ET / PT. The Olympic Games run until 8 August.

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