Men rescued from deserted Pacific island after writing SOS in sand

3 men have actually been rescued from a small Pacific island after writing a giant SOS sign in the sand that was spotted from above, authorities state.

The men had actually been missing out on in the Micronesia island chain for almost 3 days when their distress signal was identified Sunday on unoccupied Pikelot Island by searchers on Australian and U.S. airplane, the Australian defense department stated Monday.

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The men had obviously set out from Pulawat atoll in a 20- foot boat on July 30 and had actually planned to take a trip about 30 miles to Pulap atoll when they cruised off course and ran out of fuel, the department stated.

Searchers in Guam asked for Australian help.

The military ship, Canberra, which was going back to Australia from workouts in Hawaii, diverted to the area and signed up with forces with U.S. searchers from Guam.

The men were found about 120 miles from where they had set out.

They were found in good condition, and an Australian military helicopter had the ability to arrive at the beach and give them food and water.

A Micronesian patrol vessel was because of pick them up.

SOS is a worldwide acknowledged distress signal that stems from Morse code.

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