Merkel and Macron: We want an open and firm dialogue with Moscow

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that her country is looking forward to an open dialogue with Russia, similar to the dialogue with the USA, in order to solve crises.

Merkel’s remarks came on the sidelines of the Europe summit, which took place today, Thursday and Friday, in Brussels takes place and discuss a number of issues, most notably the relationship with Russia.

Macron: Europe’s stability requires dialogue with Moscow

The German Chancellor said today that it was necessary to establish direct contact with Russia and its President Vladimir Putin and to put in place mechanisms to respond to Moscow’s provocations.

She also added in added to a speech to the House of Representatives that die European Union should establish various formats for talks with Moscow.

For his part, French President Emmanuel Macron made it clear that die Stability in Europe requires a firm dialogue with Russia.

The French President said that the dialogue was necessary but had to be ambitious and determined so that “we do not compromise on our values”.

Merkel and Macron: We want an open and firm dialogue with Moscow

Russian President (archive)

Putin supports dialogue

On the other hand, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said today that President Putin supports the Franco-German proposal to resume direct contacts.

He added that the Kremlin viewed this initiative positively, pointing out that Putin die Establish a mechanism for dialogue and die Support contacts between Brussels and Moscow.

“Brussels and Moscow need this dialogue,” he said.

One week after the summit of the Russian and American presidents in Hold Geneva die German Chancellor and the French President, according to European sources, meeting with Putin is necessary to address issues of great importance for die Discuss European Union.

Macron and Merkel (archive)

Macron and Merkel (archive)

It is noteworthy that die European Union last April die Tensions with Russia escalated over die Issues of Ukraine and the Russian opposition, Alexei Navalny, has condemned.

As EU Foreign Minister Josep Borrell said at the time, things have improved die Relations with Russia are not. On the contrary, die Tensions escalate in different areas.

He also referred to die Question of the expulsion of diplomats between Moscow and Prague.

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