“Merlin Griffiths’ Courageous Fight Against Cancer: A Look Into His ‘Tough Week’ After Hospital Stay”

Merlin Griffiths, a 47-year-old star of the show First Dates, recently opened up about the struggles he has been facing in his battle with bowel cancer. He took to Twitter to share an update with his 60,800 followers about his relief of being discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment. He is set to undergo a stoma reversal, a process involving a cut around the stoma so the surgeon can access the inside of the abdomen before the upper section of the colon is then reattached to the remaining section of the colon. Griffiths praised the Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospital’s team for looking after him during his hospital stay.

Griffiths had been suffering from stomach pain since June, but believed it was due to a scar tissue stemming from a car accident he had at the age of 20. After X-rays and a CT scan came back clear, he was given an urgent sigmoidoscopy which found the tumour and is now undergoing chemotherapy.

Griffiths’ followers were delighted to hear the positive update and sent their well-wishes. He has been given a 75% chance of living beyond five years and is determined to fight the cancer and make a full recovery. Griffiths is an inspiration to many, showing strength and resilience in the face of a difficult battle.

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