Messages from Cairo to Ankara .. Your actions against die Brotherhood is not enough

In light of Turkey’s efforts to move closer to Egypt, informed sources Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath said on Thursday that Cairo had informed Ankara that it had die recent measures against media elements, die Associated with the Brotherhood, alone are not enough to die Relationships and die Coordination between die both parties.

The Egyptian embassies also stressed that die Security of the country in is in no way negotiable.

Turkish presence in Libya

Also did die Sources make it clear that Cairo is sticking to Turkey’s unconditional exit from Libyan territory, otherwise they will die Negotiations completely suspended.

She announced that urgent telegrams were sent to Cairo die sent to the Turkish security and secret services, in them die Security coordination because of the continuation of the unjustified Turkish military presence on Libyan soil in being exposed to several files.

While Ankara insists on the survival of some advisors as well as the mercenary elements, Egypt confirmed that it will only accept their exit on a schedule that will not be exceeded by the end of this year.

Messages from Cairo to Ankara .. Your actions against die Brotherhood is not enough

Turkish Defense Minister greets Turkish soldiers in Tripoli (Archives – Associated Press)

Desired delivery of security

What die As for acts of the Eastern Mediterranean, so stressed die Egyptian authorities die Rejection of any negotiations on die Acts on the Eastern Mediterranean Gas or others with the continued Turkish presence in Tripoli.

In addition, revealed die Sources that die Egyptian embassies stressed that they die Do not give up delivery of wanted items and die Continuation of the mistreatment of some Turkish officials, including Yassin Aktay, adviser to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will not be allowed.

She stated that Cairo die The meeting between the two parties was suspended until further notice, although urgent Turkish telegrams demanded new consultations.

Notably, last March, Ankara began taking some steps to restore relations with Egypt. On May 5 and 6, a Turkish delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Unal traveled to Cairo for the first time since 2013 to hold “exploratory talks” with Egyptian officials led by Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Sanad Loza.

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