Messi and anxiety bring Mbappe closer to the dream of a lifetime

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: the star French Kilian Mbappe has occupied the headlines of Spanish newspapers and sports sites, in coinciding with his tense relationship with the fans and the board of directors of Paris Saint-Germain, for his insistence on his rebellious position in the negotiations to renew his contract in the “Park of the Princes” until after 2022, to realize the his dream. The great, who wears the No.7 shirt of Real Madrid. For its part, the newspaper “AS” said in an exclusive service, which the French international does not have and will not change his position, because he sees his future in the “new Santiago Bernabeu” and nowhere else, in a clear reference, to the vitriolic campaign against him by PSG fans, which amounted to boos against him, will not prevent him from carrying out his plan. And the report stated that excessive public pressure on Kilian in particular, and the state of inconsistency between the “MNM” trio – Messi Neymar Mbappe – appearing at a lackluster level in their first match together against Club Brugge in Champions League, which ended in a positive draw with a goal for the same, and likewise a match The weekend against Lyon in the sixth stage of Ligue 1, is like the facts that bring the world champion closer to achieving the his childhood dream, playing for the Royal Club next season. And the Real Madrid-affiliated newspaper indicated that Lyon’s latest clash, which saw the controversial shot between coach Mauricio Pochettino and prodigy Leo Messi, after being replaced by Ashraf Hakimi in the second half, also saw the latest update of the cold relationship between Mbappe and the fans, with a notable increase in boos, and this time not only for his rebellion at the club, but due to the decline in influence and assessment of its level in recent weeks. AS quoted a French source that the 20-year-old was struck by what the report described as “the waning of his importance and value” to fans, as well as the big change in the treatment of the press and media French with him, with an overdose of depressing criticism, and the opposite for his colleagues Neymar and Messi, who are in frontline on the scene and share the lion’s share of the media aura and public attention, which is the worst-case scenario Mbappe has been waiting for after the flea’s arrival. The source said the former Monaco star was well aware that fans would not be happy with his decision or stance on renewing his contract with the entity, but he never expected to become marginalized and marginalized, al point to refrain from buying his shirt, compared to the mythical numbers of t-shirt sales n. 30 E, in smaller size, jersey no. 10, as one of the events and pressures he is exposed to behind the scenes, and is set to multiply in the coming weeks and months to get him to renew, but it only increases his determination and determination to achieve his goal of moving to Real Madrid . THE media close to club royal bet on the transfer of Kylian Mbappe to the “Valdebebas” in the market last summer, claiming that the Parisian administration would raise the white flag, agreeing to sell it with the highest economic return, to avoid his departure under Bosman law with the final whistle at the end of the season in course, but in the end all the attempts of Florentino Perez to restrain Nasser Al-Khelaifi to remain the French jewel, hoping in a change of position after the historic contracts that led to the dream team, has failed.

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