Messi raises controversy by not shaking hands with his manager after being substituted

After a change followed by a controversial shot in which the star Argentine Lionel Messi refused to shake hands with his coach at Paris Saint-Germain, Mauricio Pochettino, the latter broke the silence and explained why he changed the team star in the 76th minute in which he sought the winning goal in the “Classic French football” between Saint-Germain and Saint-Germain, Germain and Lyon, stressing that he makes his decisions according to the best interests of the team.

Pochettino said in Press conference post match, asked about the substitution: “I make decisions in the interest of the team, sometimes the players like these decisions and sometimes they don’t, but I’m here to make the decisions and I have to do it,” he said.

The Argentine champion left the stadium with signs of dissatisfaction on his face and headed for the bench, refusing to shake hands with his coach, before chatting with his colleagues.

The Argentine coach expelled his compatriot from the field in the 76th minute, when the result indicated a positive draw with a goal for the same, before the other compatriot Mauro saved him.

Icardi with the winning goal, which he scored in the deadly moment of match.

Messi’s replacement sparked a storm of controversy and commentary on social network, as many users of these sites have expressed their surprise at the replacement of the Argentine player in one moment in which the team was looking for the winning goal.

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