“Meta” is facing a $ 3.2 billion lawsuit … the exploitation of the personal data of 44 million users

The giant of the social media Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, is facing a £ 2.3 billion ($ 3.2 billion) class action lawsuit in Britain over allegations that the group exploited the personal data of 44 million users between 2015 and 2019. taking advantage of its dominant position on the market.

The lawsuit, which will be heard by the London Competition Court of Appeal, claims the company has made billions of pounds by imposing abusive terms and conditions that require consumers to hand over valuable personal data to access the network.

On the other hand, a Moscow court last month imposed a hefty fine on Meta (formerly Facebook) of $ 27 million for failing to remove content that Moscow considers illegal. in one moment in which the Russian authorities are intensifying pressure on foreign tech giants.

The court’s media service reported on the Telegram app that the company had been fined 1.9 billion rubles.

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