Meta opens its first “physical” retail store in California

Meta, the owner of the Facebook platform, opened its first physical store on the ground on Monday, in particular in the city of Burlingame, inarea of San Francisco Bay in the US state of California.

The Associated Press said the company has opened its first store, to showcase its products from devices such as virtual and augmented reality glasses, in addition to the smart glasses it produces with Ray-Ban.

The store has been open to the public who may want to try the company’s products from different glasses, video communication devices (Portal) and virtual reality headsets.

The hardware, with the exception of Ray-Ban glasses, will be available for direct purchase in shop.

Meta is looking to expand and develop the world of “Metaverse”, which was announced last year by the company founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and then referred to the idea of ​​using avatar images of people (avatars) in this world, which can completely correspond to everything they do in the real world, how to go in A trip, a concert or a business meeting, which should be the next big leap in the evolution of the Internet.

The company is looking to increase its profits after posting lower-than-expected profits late in the final quarter of last year.

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