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Meta Platforms Launches WhatsApp Channels: Transforming the App into a Private Broadcast Maker

Meta Platforms launches WhatsApp Channels feature in Colombia and Singapore

Introducing WhatsApp Channels

On Thursday, Meta Platforms – the parent company of social media giant Facebook – launched its new WhatsApp Channels feature. The company claims that the feature will help turn the app into a “private broadcast message maker”.

Launching in Colombia and Singapore first

Initially, users in Colombia and Singapore will be able to access this new feature. However, Meta Platforms has stated that it plans to roll out the functionality to users in more countries in the near future.

The company has promised that users will be able to follow content related to their hobbies, sports teams, local news and officials, and other topics of interest.

Maintaining privacy

Unlike standard WhatsApp chats, WhatsApp Channels will allow the person in charge of managing the channel to keep their profile picture and contact information private. Similarly, followers’ phone numbers will not be disclosed.

Brands and organisations such as the World Health Organisation, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City are already participating in the WhatsApp Channels rollout.

Restricting message interaction

While WhatsApp Channels will be accessible to all users, only channel owners will have the ability to send messages within channels. Other members will only receive messages and may be given options to interact with them.

It’s worth noting that since channels will be public, messages within them may not be end-to-end encrypted as with standard WhatsApp chats.


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