Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition PS5 and Xbox Series X release time confirmed

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition PS5 and Xbox Series X release time confirmed

Metro Exodus PS5 and Xbox Series X release time news (Image: 4A GAMES)

Developers 4A Games has confirmed its Metro Enhanced Edition release date plans for PS5 and Xbox Series X, scheduled for Friday, June 18.

The good news is that gamers will soon have access to the best version of the game on consoles.

This will mean playing through the campaign with new 4K and 60fps options that weren’t available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

But the new upgrades aren’t just limited to performance, with additional enhancements also listed in the previews shared by the Metro Exodus development notes.

A message from 4A Game reads: “Utilising the power of these new consoles, we have been able to include 4K*, 60 FPS, Ray Tracing throughout (including Ray Traced emissive lighting as pioneered in The Two Colonels), Field of View options and platform specific features such as spatial audio and controller latency improvements on Xbox, and support for the haptic features of the PlayStation 5 Dual Sense controller.

“This will also be a free upgrade for current owners, but for those of you who haven’t taken the leap into our gorgeous post-apocalyptic world yet, we will also be releasing a physical Metro Exodus Complete Edition for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PS5, which will include the main game and all expansions in one boxed package. Check with your local retailer for pre-orders and pricing details.”

“4K visuals available only on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S will run at 1080p whilst maintaining 60 FPS.”

As mentioned above, this will be a free upgrade for those who already own the game on PS4 and Xbox One.


The development team has confirmed that the Metro Exodus PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade release time has been set for 1am BST on Friday, June 18.

The release schedule for other time zones are as follows:

00:00 UTC.

17:00 PDT (17th).

01:00 BST.

02:00 CEST.

10:00 AET.

As revealed in the schedule, gamers in North America will be able to start playing from 5pm PDT, on June 17.

The Metro Exodus Review from the Daily Express gave the original experience on consoles 4 out of 5, reading:

“Beneath the shiny visuals, Metro Exodus is a damn fine shooter to boot.

“It’s not as bombastic or as cinematic as a Call of Duty or Battlefield, adopting a slower, more measured pace.

“There’s almost a survival horror element to Metro Exodus, which encourages you to think carefully about firing bullets and scavenge every single bit of scrap metal you can find.

“This is a game best played on a higher difficulty, where expeditions can be deadly without a little forward planning.

“This is partly why I really enjoy the physical map, which you have to manually pull out and check every time you want some guidance.

“It’s much more immersive than your typical HUD, which would feel out of place and intrusive in a game as good looking as Metro Exodus.”

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