“Mexico Produces Abundant Electric Cars but Owns Few – Why?”

Mexico aspires to boost electric vehicle (EV) ownership and, with General Motors, Ford, BMW and Volkswagen’s Audi unit making EVs in the country, as well as the unlisted Zacua, it’s also likely to become a hub of EV production in the near future. Yet the environment has its drawbacks, with EVs too expensive for most Mexicans, a lack of charging stations, particularly outside of major urban areas, and a priority given to reviving the country’s fossil fuel output. The government does hope EVs will account for half of all the cars sold in Mexico by 2030, which include hybrids and hydrogen-powered vehicles, however, EVs made up just 0.5% of domestic auto sales last year. At present, there is no plan to phase out gasoline-powered vehicles and critics suggest insufficient government incentives make even the 2030 targets appear unrealistic.