Mexico’s Supreme Court Greenlit Abortion. Will doctors and nurses listen?

As proponents have grown access to abortion in all over the country, have made their efforts times sparked an uprising among some doctors and nurses. When Mexico City legalized abortion in 2007, many health professionals do not perform The procedure. In Oaxaca, which legalized abortion in 2019, a group of doctors fought in vain to get the law repealed.

The recoil has extended also to state legislators. Two of the country’s most powerful political parties added clauses to the constitutions of 19 states die emphasized the government’s commitment to protect life from the moment of conception.

The move not done add each new to punish for abortion, but it was a powerful tool to signal Which anyone who failed to report abortions in die states “would make a grave” mistakesaid Martha Lamas, a feminist activist. “It had an impact” in the ghosts of a lot of people.”

In a separate core statement last Last week, the Supreme Court also declared such clauses unconstitutional. By promising to protect the unborn life, “implicitly, what they do is set boundaries” on human rights of other people, in this case of women,” said one of the justicesLuis Maria Aguilar.

Mrs Garcia says she’s still scared, despite the court’s actions. She lives in Guanajuato, a stronghold of the conservative PAN party, where local politicians came out met violence against the decision decriminalize abortion.

More immediately, Mrs. García is alive with conservative relatives and is afraid they will kick her out.

Before she left the hospital, Mrs García told her to undress for an exam. Than a social worker entered the room and demanded her home address and other personal details so that the hospital could report her to the authorities.

Since the emergency room visit, she has saysshe couldn’t sleep all night.

“It’s a daily torment,” she said. “If soon like my dogs start bark, me start shake, i start think it’s them, that it’s done, that I’m going face costs.”

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