Michael Jordan once made Brooks Koepka pay for talking trash on the golf course

Michael Jordan has a well-documented competitive nature– one that does not manifest just on the basketball court.

Almost equivalent to Jordan’s indomitable will to win is his love of golf, an enthusiasm he has actually taken pleasure in considering that early in his NBA period. Typically, those 2 elements of his character intermingle. When he once played a round of golf with professional golf enthusiast Brooks Koepka in South Florida, such was the case.

Koepka, talking with Scott Van Pelt on “SportsCenter” on Monday, remembered the time he made the regrettable decision to talk trash toJordan Possibly he believed he would be safe from any blowback from MJ considering they were playing his sport.

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As Koepka remembers, that was not the case:

“I was 1-up going to 17 tee. We’d been jawing all day and we have like a 40-yard walk back to the 17th tee and he hasn’t said much the last couple of holes,” Koepka stated (by means of Yahoo Sports). “I stated something like, ‘I’ ve got you right where I desire you.’

“He just tees the ball up, takes his practice swing and looks at me. ‘It’s the fourth quarter, baby, I don’t lose,’” Koepka stated.

Jordan, Koepka stated, then continued to win the staying 2 holes, winning the match and teaching an important lesson to Koepka (who, you’ll keep in mind, is the world’s No. 3 golf enthusiast and a four-time majors winner): Even if you’re amongst the best in the world at something, you must never ever talk smack to Michael Jordan in a competition.

“It’s probably the last time I’ve smack-talked him,” Koepka stated. “I have not played him since, but hopefully we’ll tee it up again soon.”

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