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Michael Saylor Stands Firm on Bitcoin Endorsement, Reaffirms BTC’s Immunity to Inflation

During a recent YouTube chat, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, a strong proponent of Bitcoin (BTC), discussed the cryptocurrency and its potential impact. Saylor expressed his view that Bitcoin is the most disruptive technology of our era and has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about money and banking. He also believes that Bitcoin is superior to gold and is a more effective means of preserving value.

“Gold has been the store of value for the last 5,000 years, but it’s not the best store of value anymore. Bitcoin is digital gold, and it’s better than physical gold because it’s more portable, divisible, and secure.”

Saylor believes that the blockchain technology used by Bitcoin can have various applications, including smart contracts, decentralized finance, and voting systems. As a result, he is confident that Bitcoin will form the foundation of a new banking system that is more transparent, secure, and efficient than the existing one. The CEO of Microstrategy strongly believes in Bitcoin’s potential to transform the financial sector and considers it the future of money, thus being a strong advocate for it.

Michael Saylor: you can’t print bitcoin

Saylor also thinks that Bitcoin will become the world’s main currency in the future. He thinks BTC is the only thing in the world that won’t lose value over time.

“It has a fixed supply of 21 million coins, and no one can create more.”

According to him, the current fiat currency system has a flaw, as central banks have the power to print unlimited money. This leads to an increase in inflation and a decrease in the value of currencies. He has faith that, with time, people will recognize that BTC is the only asset that inflation cannot affect.

Saylor is still optimistic about Bitcoin, even though the cryptocurrency markets have been very volatile lately. He says, “Volatility is a feature, not a bug.”

“Bitcoin is a new asset class, and it’s still in its early stages of development. Volatility is a sign of a healthy market and creates opportunities for investors.”

He tells people who want to invest in bitcoin to think about the long run. He thinks the coin has a bright future and not just as a way to store money. It’s especially true when you think about the current bank problem in the U.S., shown by how major regional banks’ share prices have dropped in the past few weeks.


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