Michel Franco’s ‘Memory’ Starring Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard Premieres at Venice Film Festival

A Closer Look at Michel Franco’s Latest Film “Memory” Premiering at the Venice Film Festival

Moving Deeper into the Past: “Memory”

Michel Franco, a well-known Mexican filmmaker, is set to showcase his latest film, “Memory,” at the Venice Film Festival. The movie stars renowned actors Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard and will be competing in the festival’s main competition. This will be Michel Franco’s third successive appearance on the Lido after the success of his previous films, “New Order” (2020) and “Sundown” (2021).

The film delves deep into the life of Sylvia, a social worker whose life revolves around her daughter, job, and AA meetings. However, her structured existence is disrupted when Saul follows her home from their high school reunion. The story revolves around the profound impact of their encounter, as they both bravely confront their past. The film is expected to offer a unique perspective on the complexities of human relationships and the challenges of personal growth.

A Unique Approach to Broken Characters and Dysfunctional Families

Michel Franco, an acclaimed director, has a consistent fascination with exploring the lives of individuals and families who are broken and dysfunctional in his movies. Franco believes that the most intriguing characters are those who are considered outsiders and do not fit in. Drawing from his personal experiences, he explains that his teenage years were defined by a sense of not belonging, which propelled him toward becoming a filmmaker.

In his latest film “Memory,” Franco delves into the possibilities of people coming to terms with their past and finding common ground despite their contrasting experiences. The film highlights the struggles of individuals who refuse to merely accept their environment but are instead determined to create something extraordinary. Through “Memory,” Franco aims to showcase the power of storytelling in bridging differences and fostering empathy among people.

Capturing the World of Care Workers

In several of his films, including “Memory,” Franco showcases his admiration for care workers and their selfless contributions to society. Despite facing numerous challenges, care workers remain devoted to helping others, often at the cost of their own well-being. Franco’s films attempt to bring attention to these unsung heroes and their immense impact on society.

A Perfect Casting Choice

James Franco, the director of the movie, had no hesitation in casting Jessica Chastain in the lead role. Her exceptional skills, particularly in the movie “New Order,” convinced Franco that she was the most talented actress in the world. Chastain’s proposal to cast Peter Sarsgaard, an actor whose previous performances Franco admired, turned out to be the perfect choice. Franco highlights the significance of their on-screen chemistry, which is essential to the movie’s overall theme, and relies heavily on the tension between their characters.

A Noteworthy Premiere at the Venice Film Festival

SAG-AFTRA has granted an interim waiver for “Memory”, indicating that the movie’s premiere in Venice is expected to be attended by Chastain and Sarsgaard. Moreover, Franco has publicly endorsed the current Hollywood strikes, emphasizing that they are a just and rational demand to secure fundamental rights.

Continued Exploration in the United States and Mexico

Franco has previously shot his film “Chronic” in Los Angeles and intends to continue making films in both the United States and Mexico. He is particularly drawn to the abundance of talented actors in the U.S., including those featured in his latest film, “Memory.” The geographical proximity and complex relationship between Mexico and the United States provide a unique opportunity for him to explore storytelling in both countries. As a filmmaker, Franco recognizes the importance of cultural diversity and cross-border collaboration in the film industry, and he intends to leverage these factors to create cinematic works that resonate with audiences on both sides of the border.

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