Microsoft Adopts OpenAI Technology for Automated Email

OpenAI, the company that makes ChatGPT, is adding AI features to one of Microsoft’s products. This time, it’s a customer-relationship app meant to help Microsoft win business from Salesforce Inc.

Using OpenAI’s product for making text, Viva Sales, which connects Microsoft’s Office and video conferencing programs with customer relationship management software, will be able to send email replies to clients. The AI tools, like OpenAI’s GPT 3.5, which is the system on which the ChatGPT chatbot is based, will get information from customer records and Microsoft Office email software. Then, that information will be used to make emails with personalized text, pricing information, and special offers.

OpenAI Tech to Write Emails

The Viva Sales app came out in October and can be used with Microsoft’s Dynamics customer management program and Salesforce, a competitor. Users who sign up for the paid versions of Dynamics get it for free, while Salesforce users pay $40 per user per month.

Microsoft invested in OpenAI last month in a deal that is said to be worth $10 billion. Since then, OpenAI’s products and systems have been added to the software for computer programmers and the cloud. Last month, someone familiar with the situation said that Microsoft plans to use ChatGPT to improve its Bing search engine. Microsoft executives have also discussed various consumer and business uses for OpenAI’s work.

Since it came out at the end of November, ChatGPT has been the talk of the internet. Its ability to talk like a person sparked rumors that it could replace professional writers and even put Alphabet Inc.’s Google search business at risk. The group behind it, OpenAI, makes money when developers pay to use its technology.