Microsoft CEO insists on human control of AI

The Importance of Accountability in Artificial Intelligence Development

Microsoft President Urges Accountability in AI’s Shortcomings

On Thursday, Microsoft President Brad Smith called for the people behind the AI ​​to be held accountable for the shortcomings, urging lawmakers to ensure safety on the AI ​​used to control the power grid, water supply and other critical infrastructure.

Lawmakers and Tech Companies Negotiate AI Regulations

Lawmakers in Washington have recently grappled with what laws to enact to control AI even as companies large and small race to bring versatile AI to market.

“This is the fundamental need to ensure that machines remain under the effective control of people and that the people who design and operate machines remain accountable to everyone else,” Smith said. “In short, we must always ensure that the AI ​​remains under human control.”

Implementing AI Safety and Security Measures

“New laws require operators of these systems to build security into high-risk AI systems in by design,” he added.

He urged the use of a system like Know Your Customer for developers of powerful AI models to monitor how their technology is being used and inform content audiences in so people can tell which videos are fake.

Addressing Election Interference and Collaborating Globally

OpenAI CEO, ChatGPT developer Sam Altman told the Senate committee in his first appearance before Congress that using AI to interfere with election integrity is a “area of significant concern,” adding that it needs regulation.

Altmann also called for global collaboration on artificial intelligence and incentives for security compliance.

Focusing on AI’s Implications in High-Risk Industries

Some of the proposals at the studio they will focus on AI technology that could put people’s lives or livelihoods at risk, as is the case in medicine and finance. Others are calling for rules to ensure AI is not used to discriminate or violate civil rights.

Collaboration to Ensure AI Accountability and Safety

The current concern has led to a series of meetings, including a visit by the CEOs of OpenAI, Microsoft and Alphabet to the White House this month.