Microsoft enables voice commands and typing in Windows 11

Microsoft recently launched the Windows 11 voice login feature with version 22518 of this system. This feature allows the user to manage basic tasks on Windows 11 through voice commands.

Windows 11

Windows 11

You can use voice commands to open or close an application, to search within the browser, and many other similar functions. Voice commands can also be used to dictate text or to control the mouse pointer.

This function can also be used to show or hide the virtual keyboard using commands such as “Show keyboard” or “Hide keyboard”.

Windows 11 supports voice commands and typing

Virtual keyboard when using voice commands

Once the virtual keyboard is opened using the voice command, the user will see a number above each key and this number will help him to press the key using the voice command.


It is reported that these features are only available to registered users of the Windows Insider Program, while the company has not yet revealed when the features will be available. in a public version of his system.

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