Microsoft is trying to stop you from using Google Chrome

Microsoft has been working hard over the past few months to get people to use its browser more regularly.

And the giant of software he wasn’t a fan of Windows users, who download Google Chrome instead of using his browser. But now the company has stepped up its campaign to get people to use its built-in browser.

Both Windows 10 and Windows 11 have started displaying new messages when people browse the page of download Google Chrome in an attempt to discourage people from installing Google’s rival browser.

And when someone tries to download Google Chrome via Microsoft Edge, the software reminds them via a popup that their browser is built using the same Chromium technology as Google Chrome, indicating that a new browser is not required.

It also displays some messages indicating that its browser is more secure than Google Chrome and that it is the best browser for shopping online.

When you search for “browser” or “download browser” via the Bing search engine, recommendations for Microsoft Edge are displayed.

These are not pop-up or messages that you normally find within a site web. It is offered locally by EDGE. Other websites cannot display similar messages.

Google sometimes sends such pop-ups and messages even when you use a search engine or other services. But Google allows the option to decline. This is not the case with Microsoft Edge.

These messages are different from the messages that Google displays when you start Edge and use its services online, which appear within web pages when you visit services such as Google Search and Gmail.

The search giant uses these messages to try to encourage users to switch to Google Chrome from the Edge browser.

New messages from Microsoft to keep you away from Google Chrome

Microsoft’s new messages come more than three years after the company began testing ways to put in guard Windows 10 users from installing Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These test they have not been publicly released. But these messages are starting to appear for Windows users.

The giant of the software it’s also making it harder to change your default browser in Windows 11 and forcing people to use Edge via Windows Updates.

These latest messages also come in the wake of widespread criticism of the company for including a buy now, pay later tool in its browser, urging users to use the short-term financing service.

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