Microsoft will require an Internet connection and account for activate Windows 11 house

Microsoft will require an Internet connection and account for activate Windows 11 house

The next version of Windows will be a free upgrade in I’m coming this fall.


Microsoft has a lot of compelling features planned for its windows software, like his more modern and airy look, its integration with Xbox games is Android apps and his Apple FaceTimeTime competitor. Sara also help that the new software it will be a free update when it is released this fall. But when people start up their computer powered by the mass market version of Windows, Windows 11 Home, they will need an internet connection and a Microsoft account to make it work.

Microsoft said it is adding an extra step to its configuration process, prompting users to sign in a Microsoft account over Internet before they can use their computer.

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“Microsoft account and Internet connectivity required for setting up for Windows 11 Home, “the company said in a statement under his list of “minimum system requirements” for the software. People will do it also need computer with 4GB of memory and 64 GB of deposit, among other things.

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one time sign in your Microsoft account for activate the computer, you will be allowed use it’s normal, and you won’t need to connect to the Internet again if you choose not to. Microsoft may send screen reminders if the computer remains disconnected for more a month, encouraging people for download security updates. Microsoft 11 Pro and the version built for corporate customers will not require people for sign in Microsoft accounts.

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The move marks a change for Microsoft, that for years has offered free accounts for his Cooperation in Skype and Teams video chat tools, Office online productivity software, Xbox gaming service and Outlook mail. Windows logon with a Microsoft account in gender tax up lot of of these services automatically for users, including automatic backups of some files through the company OneDrive storage service.

But until Windows 11, all of these things were optional. Microsoft believes people I’m used to the idea of signature up for accounts, in particular for Apple’s iCloud, App Store and iTunes store o Gmail and Google Play Store. Also many videos game companies ask you to sign up for an account a help Connect with friends and store information about yours progress.

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