Microsoft’s Support For SwiftKey For iOS Will End Next Week

On October 5th, SwiftKey will be removed from the Apple App Store, but if you already have it loaded, you may continue to use it.

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft said that as of October 5th, SwiftKey would no longer be supported on iOS devices and would be removed from the Apple App Store. If you’ve previously downloaded SwiftKey on your iPhone, as long as you don’t remove it yourself, it will still be accessible.

According to Chris Wolfe, director of product management at SwiftKey, “Microsoft will maintain support for SwiftKey Android as well as the underlying technology that drives the Windows touch keyboard.” SwiftKey will continue to function for customers who have it installed on iOS until it is actively removed or a user gets a new device.

SwiftKey for iOS will no longer be available due to months of customer complaints that didn’t appear to get any better. Additionally, users discovered that Microsoft had not updated the SwiftKey app for iOS in over a year, raising the possibility that the software had been covertly discontinued.

Credit: Microsoft

Why Microsoft decided to stop supporting iPhones is still a mystery. iOS users have had access to SwiftKey since 2014, two years before Microsoft purchased the application. Microsoft releases updates regularly, and SwiftKey will remain open and fully supported on Android. SwiftKey introduced clipboard synchronization for Windows and Android users last year but stated at the time that it was “not feasible to sync your clips to iOS,” – and now we know why.