Mido shocked Algerian public with dangerous confession – (video)

“Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Former Egyptian national striker Ahmed Hossam Mido blew up a storm of controversy over media and on social network, with a shocking confession to the public and to the Algerian public opinion, on his participation a historical conspiracy with the top of the Cameroonian team, with the aim of overthrowing the Greens from the African Nations Championship 2004 And the international was unleashed in an interview with the sheikh of the professionals of the media, Ahmed Schubert, on the “On Time” channel, revealing what he described as a “testimony of history”, about his communication with Leader Song and historical scorer Samuel Eto’o before the start of the second half, to keep the 0- 0 as it is until the 90 ‘, until the Pharaohs and lions rise at the expense of the warriors of the desert and Zimbabwe. The former Ajax and Tottenham star said: “Captain… you know what happened in this match (Egypt and Cameroon), this is for history and it is said for the first time, an agreement happened between us and Cameroon in the middle of the match, the result was 0-0, and if we tied with the same result we will go up Together for the second round, Algeria was ahead 4-1 and there were no social, and I asked captain Mohsen Saleh, what is the result of the other game? He said 0-0, and then I brought Song and Ito and told them, “We will qualify together.” He presented prove, considered by the Algerian newspaper “Al-Shorouk”, that Egypt and Cameroon conspired against the Greens, saying: “There was not a single shot on both goals in the second half, by the time I was communicating with the coaching staff, and they told me the result was 0-0, until I remember that when Ahmed participated in Bilal in the second half, he threw the ball in brings and caused me a problem with the Cameroon players “, referring to the previous agreement to close the game without a goal. Note that the game Mido was talking about ended with Zimbabwe’s 2-1 victory over Algeria, while the match between Egypt and Cameroon had ended without goals, which guaranteed the Lions the first position in the group, and behind them the Greens with four points, with the advantage of a direct clash with Egypt, after the game closed, the famous Hussein Asho, lost to Mido and his teammates by two goals to one.