Mikati about the clashes in Beirut .. “It’s sad”

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati commented on the clashes that took place in The capital is BeirutThursday, describing it as sad.

Mikati confirmed, according to the daily Al-Nahar, that his government, formed after a stumbling block that lasted months, remains in place.

He also pointed out that “it is in the quiet handling of the investigation into the explosion of the port of Beirut last year underway “.

“There is no state without a just judiciary”

Mikati also described his government as “an executive authority” that cannot interfere in the judiciary, noting that “there was no such thing as a just and impartial judiciary”.

He believed there was a “via out of the crisis “, but asked for time to resolve it.

Mikati about the clashes in Beirut .. “It’s sad”

Members of Hezbollah and the Amal movement in Tayouneh (AFP)

Elections are in weather

Mikati also added that his government was formed “when the country hit rock bottom”, saying it was “a sponge to mitigate the impact of the impact”.

He also affirmed the commitment to hold the elections in compliance with the constitutional dates, “even if what happened today is not encouraging”.

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

Violent acts

Interestingly, Beirut experienced the impact of violence today Thursday that brought to mind the specter of civil war and sectarian fighting, especially after the clashes that broke out between the areas of Chiyah and Ain al-Rummaneh, which in previously formed a line of contact.

L’area Tayouneh, near the Beirut Palace of Justice, experienced a massive displacement of residents, the official news agency reported this evening after 6 people were killed and more than 30 injured, according to an initial toll announced by the Ministry of Health.

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

At the same time, the army deployed heavily in thearea in an attempt to contain the violence that broke out as early as 12 noon, in following the execution of supporters of the Amal movement eHizb allah A protest in front of the Palace of Justice against the judicial investigator in the case of the explosion at the port of Beirut, Judge Tariq Bitar, but things quickly deteriorated in followed and transformed in shots, bullets and bullets.

Armed men from the two parties paraded their heavy weapons on the outskirts of Beirut, while snipers were deployed on the roofs of the houses.

Facing justice with the same revolutionary logic

While accusing Hezbollah and the Amal movement of “groups of … Party of Lebanese forcesBy shooting and live bullets in the heads of protesters among their supporters, the Forces Party felt that its accusation had been rejected entirely and aimed to divert attention from the invasion of “Hezbollah” in this region e in other regions in earlier times.

The Forces Party also pointed out that the clashes that took place today are simply facing justice with the same revolutionary logic and the use of weapons, intimidation, violence and force to bring down the investigation path into the Beirut port explosion. .

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

From the scene of the clashes in Beirut (Reuters)

Interestingly, Judge Tariq Bitar has been subjected to a Hezbollah-led lobbying campaign in recent days to oppose his summoning of former ministers and security forces for questioning as part of the investigation he is conducting, which included requests for its removal.

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