Mikati insists on complimenting the Lebanese basketball team despite “exaggeration and dissonance”

Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: It seems that attention in Lebanon is no longer turned only to politics and its economic and financial repercussions as a result of the work of the authority, but also focuses on the sports scene, in particularly after the victories obtained by the Lebanese basketball team, most recently over Jordan, and its qualification as an Arab team in the final of the Asian basketball championship. It was noted that the interim prime minister, Najib Mikati, did not listen to the request of one of the stars of the team, Wael Araqji, “not to congratulate and shut up”. men. This victory represents, in these difficult circumstances, a gesture of hope for the young Lebanese and for Lebanon ”. He continued: “On this occasion, I greet once again the athletes who already have good sports ethics, and who will not be disturbed by a violation from here or a dissonance sound from there”, adding: “To the Lebanese team, I say congratulations and on a new date with great success, God willing. ” Interestingly, the team, which includes players from all seven and seven, plays with one hand and in complete coordination. And if Wael Araqji stands out among the players as team leader, but one of the Shia sheiks, Qassem Al-Jarmaki, links the victory to the growing Shiite role in Lebanon surprised by the absence of Ali Haidar’s role through the block-shooting he played, and this was the most important role in the team’s victory. “Ali’s name scares them, that’s just the summary.” A dispute between the players of the national teams of Lebanon and Jordan after their return to the Ahmed Al-Duwairi hotel inside the elevator, has transformed in a stampede e in a conflict between the players of the two teams, which led to the destruction of some of the personal effects of the hotel.