Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are about to clash in court to complete their divorce

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have not seen each other since their surprise separation in August after just eight months of marriage. But the former couple will have to face each other if he wants to finalize his divorce, which should happen next month.

According to Radar Online, Cyrus and Hemsworth will meet on January 21, 2020 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles for a status conference. divorced.

Maddison Brown talks about love with Liam Hemsworth

– E! News (@enews) December 3, 2019

“Miley has accepted that this is over and has now agreed to continue the divorce process,” an insider said. “It’s sure to be interesting. They’ve both calmed down now, and Liam just wants this chapter to be completely finished so he can move on. “

As fans know, Hemsworth filed for divorce on August 21, just days after he and Cyrus announced their split. A few hours after the announcement, Cyrus was caught being caught kissing someone, The Hills star, Kaitlynn Carter.

Cyrus and Carter have been out together for just a few weeks – but have managed to get caught several times by cameras, sharing a serious PDA – before Cyrus goes to Cody Simpson’s house.

In contrast, Hemsworth has kept a low profile. In October, he was caught in the act by Australian actress Maddison Brown during a night walk in New York City. And the cameras also surprised the duo going out later in the night. Hemsworth has not said anything publicly about a budding relationship with Brown and she refuses to talk about a possible relationship.

When the Australian daily Daily Telegraph recently asked the Dynasty actress if she was single, she said she would not answer the question because her rule is not to talk about her personal life.

“But again, I can understand from an objective point of view why people are interested and again, it’s not really in my everyday reality,” Brown said. “I understand it, it’s human nature … everyone wants gossip. It does not really bother me, I do not really care about that. “

An insider claims that Brown met Hemsworth through common friends only a few weeks before being seen together. Although the relationship is new, the source said they “got on well” and had a lot in common.

“Both are Australian, their love for the beach and the fact that they share a common career unite them,” said the source. “They are a very cute couple.”


While Liam Hemsworth is “definitely interested” by Maddison Brown, fans should not expect their relationship to develop as quickly as Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson. And they will probably not post photos and videos to each other on social media.

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