Military Barracks in Nouakchott Transformed Following Escape of 4 Terrorists

4 prisoners escaped yesterday evening, Sunday, from a prison in the Mauritanian capital, Nouakchott, and the Interior Ministry said today, Monday, that two security personnel were killed in the escape incident, while the chase of the fugitives continues. , 4 the terrorists managed to escape from Nouakchott Central Jail after attacking the guards, resulting in a firefight in which “two members of the National Guard” were killed, while two others were injured. The identity of the fugitives was not disclosed, but the French news agency reported that a military official – who requested anonymity – explained that two of the fugitives were sentenced to death, while the other two were in awaiting trial on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization . The same source said authorities found the fugitives’ vehicle northeast of Nouakchott.

The Mauritanian Interior Ministry said: “The National Guard has tightened its control over the prison and immediately started tracking down the fugitives to arrest them as soon as possible,” urging citizens to report any information that could help in their arrest. And the Anatolian Agency said that the army and police forces have deployed in the vicinity of the prison, while closing the main roads of the capital, and the security forces have strengthened their presence in the vicinity of the main government buildings . In recent years, the Mauritanian judiciary has handed down death sentences to dozens of Salafi prisoners, after they were accused of carrying weapons against the state, belonging to terrorist groups and threatening the country’s security and stability.