Military expert reveals the main purpose of the missile "Satan" Russian

Russian military expert Alexei Leonkov said that the use of the Sarmat (Satan) missile against the Ukrainian army is unlikely.

In an interview with, the expert revealed the combat characteristics of this missile and the main purpose of its production.

He says: “This is an intercontinental ballistic missile that can carry thermonuclear warheads. This missile belongs to the category of heavy missiles that defended our Motherland for 30 years until it was replaced by the RS-28 Sarmat missile. carries Sarmat missiles Multiple warheads that can be thrown over 13,000 km. They are anti-missile weapons, and they cannot perform other tasks.

The expert points out that the process of replacing nuclear weapons with non-nuclear ones was not successful, as happened in the United States.

He adds that some assumptions and fantasies, according to which the thermonuclear warheads of these missiles can be replaced by standard warheads for use against Ukraine, are nothing but fantasies. Because Ukraine has ammunition and other weapons to destroy targets.

Source: Linta. EN