Millions of dollars … new American aid to Ukraine

After the US HIMAR missile launchers arrivedin Ukraine to bolster its military arsenal against Russian forces, US officials reported that the US would send an additional $ 450 million in military aid.

And they explained, on Thursday, in on condition of anonymity, that the new package will include a number of highly mobile artillery missile systems, according to “Reuters”.

for better resistance

They also added that it will include some additional medium-range missile systems and high-mobility artillery rockets.

The new aid came just a week after the United States announced it would send an additional $ 1 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

Washington and its allies have announced their intention to send long-range systems which they believe will allow the forces to better resist Russia.

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Russia criticizes

Interestingly, HIMARS are launchers mounted on light armored vehicles and firing guided and precision missiles.

These launchers are part of a new $ 700 million US military aid package previously pledged by the US administration in Kiev.

Since the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian soil on February 24, the United States and other Western countries have been prepared to assist Kiev militarily.

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But as battles in the east of the country have intensified since late March, Ukrainian authorities have intensified their calls to the West to provide them with more accurate and advanced long-range missiles with the aim of repelling Russian forces. . , Western countries hesitated a bit, fearing that these weapons would reach Russian territory, which could expand the conflict to what is not. Luckily.

While Moscow warned of that passage. Earlier this month (June 2022), Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov felt that Washington’s support for Ukrainian forces with accurate, advanced and medium-range missile and ammunition systems is a very bad decision and could increase the risk of a direct confrontation attack, as he put it.

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