Millions of reserves . close to Putin under the auspices of French sanctions

Western sanctions against Moscow continue as the Russian military operation in Ukraine continues.

On Wednesday, the French government added 10 properties belonging to an oligarchy close to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the list of Russian assets frozen on its lands.

The most important of these assets is owned by the son of the Russian deputy, Alexander Babakov, who is close to Putin, as a mansion he owned was seized in the upscale Neuilly-sur-Seine area near Paris.

French authorities have also seized 4 real estate companies whose financial investigations have concluded that their owner is billionaire close to Putin Alexei Kuzmichev, whose fortune is estimated in over 9 billion euros.

Real estate over 30 billion euros

I also booked a villa of his own in Saint-Tropez, in the Côte d’Azur region, in the south-east of the country.

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Punishment Man is also a shareholder of Alpha Group, an important financial-industrial conglomerate in Russia.

Also seized the apartments of Olga Ezeman, the ex-wife of the founder of the Alpha Group, esteemed in over 30 million euros.

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Yachts, ships, helicopters, etc.

Interestingly, with the new properties, the number of properties that have been frozen in France and belonging to wealthy Russians near the Kremlin, is 64 properties, so far worth more than one billion euros.

In addition to the 64 properties, France had seized yachts, merchant ships, helicopters, works of art and financial assets of wealthy Russians, valued at around 24 billion euros, while a hundred investigators from the French Ministry of Economy continue to follow in the footsteps of the Russian oligarchy in France.

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