Millions of virtual properties .. How will it transform in the real world?

A lot of virtual properties on Decentraland sold for $ 2.5 million in cryptocurrency.

Decentraland is described as a virtual environment also known as a metaverse that uses Blockchain technology in where users can buy land and visit buildings. Walk and get to know people as characters symbolism.

Graphene Ventures chief Nabil Berhanu said in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that the intangible virtual goods revolution has started to take a trend in expansion to achieve in this way the real estate sector.

Berhanu expressed Graphene Ventures’ interest in the opportunities in such investments, but will be announced in below, looking at examples of people meeting online, building a virtual real estate world, in a similar situation that could transform in reality in a second time.

The world of digital real estate has also seen some incredible deals lately and House of Mars, an elegant but imaginative glass house on the Red Planet designed by artist Krista Kim, was worth more than $ 500,000.

For comparison, the average real-world home price was $ 380,000 in May, according to data from

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