Minecraft Earth Early access to an exciting start to mobs in the park kickoff


  • Last week, we introduced the pop-up experience of Mobs in the Park in New York City, Sydney and London
  • Since the beginning of early access on 17 October, the world community has made room 240.4 million Blocks, collected 76 million tappables and started 6.8 million Craft and smelting sessions
  • The mobs in the park will continue for the next two weekends from 9am to 6pm. Local time and a special appearance on Black Friday in New York City

Last week to celebrate the early access of Minecraft Earth
Rollout, we revealed the mobs in the park pop-up experience in three locations around
the world – Hudson Yards in New York City, Campbell’s Cove in Sydney and the
Queen’s Walk in London – grants players exclusive access to the
Jolly Llama Mob on the subject of holidays. The community’s reaction to mobs in the park has
was humble on the first weekend and we can not wait to see more reactions
leads into the next two weekends.

With mobs in the park as Minecraft Earth, the fun does not stop
continues to gain momentum and is expanding into other countries worldwide. Last week
The US-released game became available to players earlier this week
in Western Europe and Japan, and the goal is that the game is worldwide of
the end of the year.

Since the beginning of early access on October 17, the global community has
placed 240.4 million Blocks, collected 76 million tappables and
started 6.8 million Crafting and smelting sessions! We are so proud of it
How the community picked up the game in the introduction and look of Early Access
Look forward to providing players around the world with even more exciting experiences
coming weeks.

The mobs of Minecraft Earth in the park will continue over the next two weekends, so players interested in keeping the funny Lama to themselves can visit the interactive pop-ups from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Local time on weekends November 23 through 24 and November 30 through December 1, or during a special Hudson Yards NYC performance on Black Friday, November 29, Jolly Llama is a holiday-maker before it’s December is available.

Learn more about mobs in the park and the next steps
Visit Xbox with Early Access Rollout
Wire and Minecraft.net.

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