Minecraft Fan Notices Strange Detail About Camels

Minecraft will be adding camels to the game as part of update 1.20. One person points out something interesting about the upcoming mob.


Regarding the new camel mob, a player of Minecraft has observed something that cannot be ignored: the animal’s snout appears to conceal a face. Even after all these years, there are still interesting things to see in the game. Even though this game is based on a brand-new Mojang addition, it’s still a very well-liked IP overall. One of the key factors in its popularity is how long the game lasts.

Soon, the camel mob, a new bookshelf block, and some new skins will all be included in the game Minecraft. The developer has a stake in maintaining the top condition of its profitable property, adding new elements, and changing things up to keep fans engaged. But it’s encouraging to see that there are still motivations to play the game after over a decade. Sometimes an unintentional little Easter egg is included in those explanations.

When pictures of the upcoming Minecraft camel started to circulate, Reddit user Hepp96YT noticed this detail and noticed that the animal’s nose has a pattern that closely resembles a face. It is obvious from a glance that the camel’s mouth is a part of the hidden face’s mouth and that the nostrils resemble eyes. Even the area directly below the eyes has a dark patch that might be mistaken for a nose. The Reddit user claims that once something is seen, it cannot be unseen. According to one commenter, it appears to be a cat’s face, and the game’s llama mobs also exhibit a similar optical illusion.

You will never unsee this – The nose of the camel looks like a face from Minecraft

Although this small portion of pixelated image shifting may seem insignificant, it’s just one of many ways that fans enjoy Mojang’s sandbox game. Many mobs in the popular game Minecraft have been retired over time. The villagers, farm animals, critters, and enemies make the game interesting. Otherwise, the player would be truly alone as they explored a vast landscape.

The Sniffer beat out the Rascal and Ruff Golem in the results of the Minecraft mob vote, adding even more NPCs to the already sizable list of in-game creatures. Considering how old the game is now, it’s interesting to see that it’s still very popular. However, it’s not surprising that people are still playing after all this time, given the sheer amount of creativity that players can unleash and the new features the developer keeps adding.


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