Minerals Minister of Sudan: Reports of gold smuggling are fabricated… This is what we produce every year

Sudanese Minerals Minister Muhammad Bashir Abdullah, in an interview with Arabian Business, dismissed Western reports of smuggling of much of his country’s gold, explaining the true extent of Sudan’s gold production.

Western reports have claimed that Sudan produces over 100 tons of gold a year, and most of this is smuggled out of the country and only a small part goes into the state treasury, but the ruling authorities in Khartoum always deny these claims and characterize them as unrealistic.

The Minister of Minerals of Sudan said that the country’s actual and tracked gold production this year until mid-November is in the range of 25 tons per year.

The minister denied the veracity of the figures presented in these Western reports on Sudan’s gold production and considered them to be fabricated and exaggerated, running batches that have goals they want to achieve.

Minister Attributed Fabricated Sudan Gold Mining Reports to Several Purposeful Parties
Among them are some opponents in the context of political intrigues in an attempt to blame the government for its inability to fight smuggling.
And the Western media in the framework of the conflict of the axes between the West and Russia, especially the United States, where they claim that Russia is smuggling Sudanese gold in large quantities, and mention fabulous production figures.

Source: Sudanese scene