Minissha Lamba discusses ‘toxic’ relationship with Ryan tham

Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba opened up on his toxic relationship with son ex-nowhusband Ryan Tham.

Lamba often talks about her separation from Tham, the owner of a nightclub in Bombay.

The pair tied the knot in 2015, but decided to stop in 2020.

Now the actress has discussed her split from Ryan Tham and thinks that walking away is sometimes the best option.

Minissha Lamba revealed it all in a meeting with Navbharat Hours.

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She said there was a stigma surrounding divorce in society. However, things have changed now that women are more independent.

Lamba said: “Earlier, only women have been responsible carry the burden of a relationship.

“They had the sole responsibility for all the sacrifices (required).

“But now they have understood that they have the right to walk out if they are not happy in the wedding.”

Minissha Lamba went on to say that if you are in an unhappy or unhealthy relationship, the best the choice to be made is to leave.

The actress added:

“Divorce is not easy, but when the relationship is toxic, out is the right option.

“I would like like at add that relationship or marriage can be an important part of your life but it can’t be your complete life.

“Unfortunately, women are recognized by their relationships and marital status.

“However, things are about to change.”

Although he is unhappy in son wedding, Minissha Lamba also clarified that his separation had not made son bitter when it comes to love.

Minissha Lamba and Ryan Tham announced their divorce in 2020.

During a conversation with ETimes, Lamba said:

“Ryan and I parted ways amicably. The legal separation has been made.

Minissha Lamba is very open about her split from Ryan Tham and often speaks publicly about her views on love and relationships.

In an interview shortly after the announcement of son divorce, Lamba said:

“Life follows son short on and the important thing is to be happy. If something doesn’t work, go an amicable separation.

“Today, we have options for this; there is no stigma attached to separation.

The actress also added that all women want love. She said:

“Everyone is open to love, to dizziness, to madness of love. What woman won’t be open to love?

“Maybe she had a bad experience and she can tell she doesn’t want that but if he comes knocking on the door, it will break down the walls and let it in. “

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