Minister of Arabia: Libya’s stability will provide promising opportunities for local and foreign investors

Salama Al-Ghwail, Minister of State for Economic Affairs of the Libyan National Unity Government, confirmed that the Libyan economy is promising for local and foreign investors.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Al-Ghwail indicated that rising oil prices helped bolster revenues, in particularly with the stability of production, emphasizing that this stability in production will increase Meet the needs of the state budget and citizens.

He said that in light of relative political stability, the situation will be better with the initiation of decisions affecting the citizen’s life and the country’s economy, the start of competition, and a positive indicator after the formation of national unity. government, along with the practical steps of this government.

Regarding the Libyan economy data, he said the situation is reassuring, and has started to create a kind of dusting off of the previous recession due to political difference, expecting there to be interest from neighboring countries for opportunities in the promising economy. Libyan.

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