‘miracle wall’ of snowfall drinkers, and Oasis tribute band, in remote british pub

is three days in A cafe with an oasis tribute strap too long? Perhaps.

About 50 drinkers stranded in An remote 17th-century pub for three nights after heavy snowfall in Northern England as they looked at an oasis tribute band would be forgiven for wondering just Which.

they slept on banks of on the floor at The Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire, England — more than 200 miles north of London — after snow and fallen power lines blocked nearby roads as of Friday.

Guests had to sleep on makeshift beds after being stranded in The Tan Hill Inn after heavy snowfall.Facebook/The Tan Hill Inn

The pub – known as Britain’s highest inn, die is 1,732 feet above sea level – shared updates on Facebook jokingly calls guests “prisoners.”

“Let’s be honest,” one update said. “Being stuck everywhere is an ordeal, a challenge to mental health of some people, and yes, some are at a breaking point after three days of being civil.”

Vicky Hodgson, 43, traveled over an hour to the country pub with her partner in their camper to “Noasis”, the Oasis. to watch tribute band.

The prediction predicted light snowfall, so they weren’t concerned over the weather. But towards the end of the night, the pub entrance was covered met thick snow.

“It was unreal, the snow must have been about waist-length,” Hodgson told NBC News over the telephone. “I’ve never seen anything” like the.”

She said it had been “a wild ride” of emotions” just a weekend full of “memories.”

Hodgson said the staff were “absolutely brilliant” and kept the guests entertained with quizzes, karaoke and much of food — including a free buffet.

Stranded staff and guests dug path out of the pub die was blocked by thick snow.Vicky Hodgson

the winter weather brought heavy snow to many parts of The United Kingdom over the weekend. It left tens of thousands of homes without electricity and killed at least two people.

“Our guests were absolutely wonderful”, Nicola Townsend, the pub’s manager, told Sky News. “They’ve Been Real” patient and really understanding.”

“Everyone came as strangers on Friday night and I think I speak on On behalf of of everyone when i say they have made friends here,” Townsend added.

At 2:16 PM local time (9:16 AM ET) Monday The Tan Hill Inn shared on facebook that it had “given a fond farewell to our previously stranded guests” after the roads finally opened.

A picture of stranded customers were shared on The Tan Hill Inn Facebook page, together met with the caption: “We will ALWAYS remember this group of astonishing people who got together and hopefully in challenging circumstances, enjoyed what we all think was life changing experience.”

band members of “Noasis” who describe themselves as the ‘nation’ favorite Oasis tribute band” – wrote on facebook that they had to cancel another one performance on Saturday night because they were also caught.

“We don’t have any way of to come to our gig,” the band said.

hodgson, who managed to leave the pub on Monday, said the “surreal” experience left her with some new, lifelong friends.

“There has been talk” of a reunion next year! hopefully in summer,” she said with a laugh.

Bianca Britton reported from London, and Suzanne Ciechalski reported from New York.

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