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Miraculous Double Operation Saves Hand of Patient Injured in Saudi Arabia Traffic Accident

Plastic and orthopedic doctors at Al Rass General Hospital in Saudi Arabia successfully performed a double operation to end the suffering of a 25-year-old man who was injured in a traffic accident that left a ruptured hernia wound on his arm.

As a result of the accident, a young man developed a crushed lacerated wound that affected the arm and left forearm of the victim, in addition to a crumbling fracture of the bones of the arm and left elbow joint, with severe tissue rupture and loss of a significant part of the skin. .

The Qasim Health Cluster said that after the victim arrived at the emergency room of the hospital, he was given the necessary first aid, as well as the necessary examinations and x-rays in such cases.

And he said that the doctors, having studied the results of the examinations, decided to carry out an urgent surgical intervention, indicating that the operation was carried out by joint medical staff between the plastic and orthopedic departments of the Al-Rass General Hospital.

He stated that during the operation, the fracture was fixed, the wound was cleaned and the skin was applied in two stages, each stage lasting 3 hours, by transferring a skin flap directly from the chest to compensate for the loss of tissue in the chest area. hand.

He confirmed that the operation was successful and the patient was discharged in good health.

Notably, Al Rass General Hospital performed 4,998 surgeries during 2022.

Source: SPA


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