Miraculously saving the life of a pregnant mother and her fetus at the hands of a medical team in Jeddah.

A Saudi medical team specializing in the King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah managed to save the life of a pregnant mother and her fetus with a surgical operation after her serious condition was rejected by 5 hospitals.

Thus, the team of doctors managed to carry out an urgent surgical intervention, which lasted 5 hours, and was crowned with success.

The Jeddah Health Authority said the team managed to save the life of the patient and her fetus.

And the Jeddah Health Authority indicated that urgent permission was obtained to anaesthetize the patient due to the severity of her condition, start the necessary intravenous drugs and prepare 9 units of blood as a result of the expected bleeding, since all of them were transferred to the patient, in addition to performing a caesarean section, it is necessary to remove fetus and remove the entire uterus.

It is noteworthy that doctors from various departments intervened in the surgical work, including the vascular department, the department of urology, and the anesthesia team.

At present, the condition of the patient and the fetus is satisfactory, they have been placed under observation until their condition stabilizes and until the date of discharge.

Source: Mecca Electronic Newspaper.