Missing March Insanity: Steph Curry’s greatness displayed in Davidson’s comeback vs. Georgetown

No matter how one is covering March Insanity, it’s difficult not to miss out on a lot.

From 2001-08, I invested the first weekend of the NCAA Competition in the studios of Sporting News Radio– first in Northbrook, Ill., and after that in Santa Monica. When Steph Curry started turning the 2008 competition into his own individual display, we were in the California studios.

And, since of the method he did it, I didn’t get to see a ton, specifically his 25- point second-half surge as Davidson installed a massive comeback versus the Georgetown Hoyas.


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Why I missed it: Due To The Fact That Georgetown built such a big lead while I was on-air at Sporting News Radio, I focused more on concurrent games, such as Texas’ narrow escape of Miami. Till completion.

What I missed out on: Among the fantastic second-half efficiencies in competition history from Davidson guard Steph Curry.

Date: March 23, 2008

Website: RBC Center, Raleigh, NC

Guidelines at the time: 35-second clock, 3-point line set at 19 feet, 9 inches, there wasn’t a no-charge zone.

Coaches: John Thompson III (Georgetown); Bob McKillop (Davidson)

Commentators: Jim Nantz, voice of the competition considering that 1991, and Billy Packer, a Final 4 broadcaster for more than 3 years.

Steph Curry’s arrival on the college basketball scene in the fall of 2006 took me by surprise, as it did practically everybody who covered the sport at the time. I keep in mind interviewing my buddy Dave Telep, then a recruiting analyst for what is now 247 Sports, to talk about how a gamer who might score 32 points– versus Big 10 opposition Michigan– in his second college game would go unranked as a high school possibility.

Curry was actually the last gamer Telep gotten rid of from his top 100 potential customers that year.

By the time Davidson reached the 2007 NCAA Competition as champ of the Southern Conference, he had actually balanced 21.5 points and we aspired to see what he may do versus Maryland and elite protector D.J. Strawberry. He scored 30 in an 82-70 defeat.

In 2008, with the Wildcats making a No. 10 seed by racing through the SoCon at 20 -0, Curry was prepared to control. He scored 40 in Davidson’s first-round upset of No. 7 seed Gonzaga, and Georgetown remembered.

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Coach John Thompson III advised the main protector designated to Curry to deal with guard him and use no assistance on penetration. That sometimes opened driving lanes for Curry’s backcourt partner, Jason Richards, who scored 20, however that wasn’t enough to keep the Wildcats in the game.

Led by senior guard Jonathan Wallace, the Hoyas went through a duration of almost 13 minutes without missing a shot– they struck whatever in the final 7: 30 of the first half and the first 5: 20 of the second– and built a lead that grew as big as 46-29 in the secondhalf Their too-frequent turnovers were all that kept Davidson alive in the game.

At the 10- minute mark of the second half, Curry was 3-of-16 from the field. He had actually been pestered by Wallace and Jeremiah Rivers in specific, however all the Hoyas had a part.

Curry’s radiance as a gamer still shone through all of this. Richards discovered him tracking the attack for an open 3-pointer in shift, and Rivers fouled him to make it a 4-point play and cut the Georgetown benefit to 48-37 Curry was so fast to make the appropriate pass although the attack was built around his capability to score; his help to center Andrew Lovedale on the break sufficed to 50-43

After he got a take, he got the ball to Richards then went into traffic in the lane, dove behind a screen and struck a wide-open 3 to make it 50-46 All that work Georgetown had actually done to hold down Curry and construct a big lead now indicated little bit. And the additional effort to secure him was beginning to use down the Hoyas guards.

At 8: 47, he cut up from the standard to draw defensive attention, got the ball and after that instantly tossed an ideal pass to a cutting Lovedale to make it a 2-pointgame After forward Thomas Sander connected the game on 2 complimentary tosses with 5: 07 left, Curry carried out a backdoor cut, took a pass from Richards and drew a nasty from Rivers for a 3-point play that put Davidson in front.

Curry got his 4th nasty on a reach-in with 4: 15 left, that made the stretch run treacherous. (Packer even explained a subsequent missed out on Georgetown jumper may have been sped up by Curry striking the shooter’s arm). With 3: 50 left, Curry got a screen at the nasty line, divided 2 protectors and turned an absurd layup off the glass for a 62-60 lead.

After another defensive stop, Curry concerned get the ball from Richards at midcourt, entered a 3-pointer at the top of the secret and made it a 5-pointlead Georgetown got it back to a 2-point game, however Curry closed it with 5-of-6 nasty shooting. He completed with 30 points, 25 in the secondhalf It was his 3rd profession NCAA Competition game, and he reached the 30- point mark each time.

“I’m numb right now,” McKillop informed press reporters later. “I’m a dreamer and I’ve been a dreamer my whole life. And for me not to think that we could get to this moment would be selling myself and the people who are behind me short.”

There would be more minutes to come.

Final score: Davidson 74, Georgetown 70.

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