Missing out on The Last of Us Season 2? Discover what’s causing the delay!

The Last of Us: an adaptation to resounding success


Joel, Ellie, Bill, Tess, Marlene or even Tommy are no longer names whose mention evokes something only in players. Since January, dozens of millions viewers have discovered the universe of Naughty Dog thanks to season 1 of The Last of Us. The opportunity to understand the universe of the license, which presents a world destroyed by cordyceps infectiona parasitic fungus that has turned much of humanity into zombies.

The Show

Created by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) and Neil Druckmann (Naughty Dog), the series resumes the framework of the first game to offer a more intimate approach, closer to the characters. The latter have also largely marked the publicthanks to a casting that hit the mark.


In the main roles, on thus find Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey the skin of Joel and Ellie, Ana Torv in the role of Tess, Nick Offerman in that of Bill, while Gabriel Luna plays Tommy and that Merle Dandridge resumes her role of Marlene. Let’s also mention Lamar Johnson and Kevonn Woodard in the roles of Henry and Sam, or even Storm Reid in the skin of Riley. In 9 episodes, the actors, the clickers and other colossi conquered the publicalthough some of the fans regretted the lack of infected on screen.

Season 2

Eagerly awaiting season 2, which will begin to follow the plots of The Last of Us Part II. THE fans were quickly informed of the renewal of the series, but it will be necessary to be patient. According to Bella Ramsey, we should not wait for the new season before the end of 2024 or even the beginning of 2025. The time for the production of prepare everythingto recruit new actors, to start filming and to edit everything.

Production Halted

But this schedule may well not be able to be kept. As you may know, American screenwriters united under the banner of the Writers Guild of America recently launched an indefinite strike. The movement began on May 2, with the 11,500 members demanding a better recognition of their work and increased income for authors.

Craig Mazin, main screenwriter, is therefore not on the bridge. Some series, for which a script is already ready, are still progressing a little, while others are completely at a standstill, whether for lack of a screenwriter or in solidarity with the strike. The second season of The Last of We belong to the second category since according to Variety, pre-production has been completely on hold since last week and the castings cannot take place.


No complete script is available for the different episodes, and we have no idea on our side who will play Lev, Abby, Manny, Dina or even Owen. However, the series is in no danger of being canceled at all, and production will resume when the strike is over. Waiting for, on learns that in the absence of a script, the actors interpret texts taken from the game itself.

For now, the idea is to start filming in early 2024, with a broadcast postponed by a few months compared to the initial plan. The Last of Us is obviously not the only series affected by the strike, and we already know that the final season of Stranger Things as well as the second season of Andor will be late. On the other hand, the next season of House of the Dragon and Rings of Power remain in production active.

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