MLB The Show 24 Update 1.03 – Patch Notes on March 30, 2024

A new update for MLB The Show 24, known as Update 1.03, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.

MLB The Show 24 Update 1.03


  • In this latest update for MLB The Show 24, several bugs and issues have been addressed to improve the overall gameplay experience for players.

Pitching Fixes

  • One major fix is for a bug that was causing inconsistent pinpoint timing for pitchers with quick deliveries when pitching from the stretch. This issue has now been resolved to ensure more accurate pitching mechanics.

Controller Vibration Issue

  • Another fix in this update addresses an issue where controller vibration would fail to turn off after completing certain tutorials. Players can now enjoy a smoother gameplay experience without this distraction.

Animation Fixes

  • Players may have noticed an issue where Matt Waldron would spin after a strikeout animation. This has been fixed, along with various tagging issues that could occur due to larger base sizes.

Crash Fixes

  • A crash that occurred when entering Moments has been resolved, along with network errors that were causing problems when entering Play Now Daily Rosters.

Pitching Rate Fix

  • An issue where the CPU was throwing an excessively high rate of balls has been fixed, providing a more balanced gameplay experience.

Home Run Derby Eligibility

  • Two-way players will now be eligible to participate in the Home Run Derby in Franchise and Road to the Show modes, adding more depth to player customization.


Pitcher Energy Fix

  • For two-way players who enter a game from the bullpen, pitcher energy will now function properly to ensure a fair and accurate representation of player stamina.

In-Game Stats Fix

  • A bug in Mini-Seasons that displayed CPU player stats for user-added player cards has been fixed, along with a crash that occurred when exiting Mini-Seasons.

Bat Skin Display Fix

  • An issue where the wrong bat skin was being displayed in-game has been resolved for a more visually consistent experience.

Conquest Simulation Fix

  • Reduced strobing that occurred when users simulated through Conquest for a smoother simulation experience.


Defensive Shift Fix

  • Defensive shifts will now line up correctly in online gameplay, eliminating any misalignments that may have affected gameplay strategy.

Game Loading Fix

  • A freeze that occurred when loading into a game has been fixed, providing a more seamless transition into online matches.

Player Location Fix

  • Players will no longer witness abrupt changes in player location (warping) in the outfield, ensuring a more realistic and immersive gameplay experience.


Throw Meter Fix

  • Fixed an issue where throw meters were not appearing when using button accuracy, improving accuracy and precision in gameplay.

In-Game Substitution Fix

  • Multiple instances where freezes could occur after an in-game substitution have been addressed for improved gameplay flow.


Future Stars Game Fix

  • Players will no longer be invited to the Future Stars game while in the MLB, ensuring a more realistic progression in Road to the Show mode.

Defensive Play Loop Fix

  • An issue where players would get stuck in a loop of the same defensive play repeatedly has been fixed for a more varied and engaging gameplay experience.

Franchise Draft Fix

  • Fixed a crash while simulating past draft day with certain custom rosters, providing a smoother Franchise mode experience for players.


Navigation Fix

  • Fixed an issue where nodes in certain years would be marked as complete when navigating between maps, ensuring a smoother progression in Storylines mode.

Server Error Fix

  • A server exception error that occurred due to disconnecting from storylines has been fixed, allowing players to re-enter the mode without issues.

Box Score Fix

  • A bug that caused the box score to display the same name for both teams in-game has been resolved for more accurate and realistic gameplay.


Commentary and Presentation Updates

  • Various commentary and presentation updates have been made to enhance the overall gaming experience for players, providing a fresh and engaging atmosphere.

MiLB Copa de la Diversion Uniforms

  • The addition of MiLB Copa de la Diversión uniforms for Double-A and Triple-A teams adds more variety to team customization options.

Graphics and UI Improvements

  • Various graphic and UI improvements have been implemented for improved legibility and visual appeal in the game.

Nintendo Switch and Xbox Fixes

  • Specific fixes for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms have been addressed, including crashes, freezes, and graphical inconsistencies, to ensure a smooth gameplay experience for all players.

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