Modder lets P.T. and explores Silent Hill outside

Another week, another discovery in P.T. 2014, the free, playable teaser experience for Hideo Kojima’s late Silent Hills. This time a modder found a way to exit the demo and explore the surrounding city.

When Lance McDonald noticed that the exterior was not pre-recorded in the game’s final cutscene, he simply patched the game to make P.T. with the map file used in the ending sequence. Good idea!

However, McDonald immediately falls through the bottom of the card because there is no collision data – and asks Lisa, the ghoul who follows the player throughout the demo, to attack the player and reset the game. It seems that this was some kind of protection mechanism that Kojima Productions used to keep players within the game’s limits.

All right, McDonald fixes this by modifying the player avatar so that it just hovers a little above the ground instead of running. From there he can explore Silent Hill and find a ready-to-play street landscape full of details in the next nine minutes. “As is common in Silent Hill, there is a feeling that the whole world is under construction and has long since been abandoned,” notes McDonald. So it is with the exterior of P.T.

McDonald is the YouTube researcher who found in September that Lisa is always behind the player and follows them all the way as they navigate the hallway. That explains their ability to jump, scare the sacred assassins out of you – even an experienced paranormal investigator like McDonald.

It does the jumpscare every time you conflict with the player’s location without making any special correction so that the game gives the impression that you are still down. It’s hard to predict and I screamed several times while taking some overhead camera shots for the game video

– Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) December 20, 2019

McDonald’s other discoveries include confirmation that the player is actually Norman Reedus. As of September, here is a seven-minute video of other things he did in his time at P.T.

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