Modders will bring Skyrim’s beloved “gaming grandma” to the game this month

Shirley Curry, the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Superfan, who is . a bit more mature than all of us . will come to the game very soon as an NPC supporter this year, maybe even this month.

Curry is 83 and is sometimes called “Gamer Grandma”. Their love of the Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls tradition is as true as any fan of all ages. But last year, Curry – as unvarnished as older people often did – speculated that she would be 88 when The Elder Scrolls 6 started, and that might be too late. The game was announced by Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018 as “in pre-production”

A fan movement to immortalize them in the game has caught the attention of Bethesda Game Studios and guarantees that Curry will be a character in TES6. However, the modders wanted to honor them more, so they invented an NPC supporter for Skyrim with curry, which recorded lines especially for the game.

“In the end we wrote a few new lines that Ms. Curry graciously accepted,” writes Modder / developer Phantom-Scribbler. “I should emphasize that she does this for you.

“She is just as kind and at the same time devilish as she appears to be on her videos,” added the phantom writer.

Curry’s NPC will be shared earlier this year through Skyrim’s Mod Library on PC and Xbox One (through and Nexus Mods). “We hope to release in January, but that can always change,” said Phantom-Scribbler. “It already has a lot of unique comments about places and situations, and initial updates focus primarily on expanding this comment. Unique interactions with the player are also part of the mod and unique interactions with other NPCs are planned. There is already a small quest that we are working on for the future. “

As for her fighting style, Curry will be a melee, which reflects her preferred style of play IRL. “She will primarily be a classic barbarian who uses two-handed and light archery armor for ranged attacks.”

Curry has been publishing videos that we play on YouTube since 2015. She is best known for reading Skyrims many in-game books. Their subscribers gather like cross-legged school children to hear them read Talsgar the Elder’s Lost Legends of Skyrim archivist from the College of Winterhold.

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Will Shirley Curry, the NPC, read books you give her in-game? “There is so much I want to say about it, but I don’t want to give it all away,” said the phantom writer. “It would be almost impossible for the real Shirley to read all the books available, but we really want this to be a feature.” Stay tuned!

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