Modern Warfare charges $ 20 to show players how many times they have died in a match

One of the most requested features of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a death column on the scoreboard for each mode. While it appears to be a trivial addition, it is missing in modes like Team Deathmatch and has been complete since launch. As part of the latest Mother Russia package, players can buy the chance to see their death for $ 20.

The function is delivered in the form of an in-game clock with the name “Time to Die”. The clock shows the number of kills and deaths you have in the game and is something you can look down on during a normal game. While most of the clocks in the game are purely cosmetic in nature, it seems to be a potential benefit to give players the ability to show hidden status. Someone with a bad round may choose conservative play rather than plunge into action.

Deaths are a value players have been demanding to put on the scoreboard since the release of Modern Warfare earlier this year. Key status is missing in modes like Team Deathmatch, where kills and deaths are the only currency that counts for winning the game.

The time to die watchImage: Infinity Ward / Activision

Deaths are also an important part of the death-to-death ratio, which has become a community standard for performance assessment. The idea is that if you get more kills than losses in games, you will automatically bring your team a net profit, since even in objective game modes it is useful to take a player out of the opposing team. However, if you can’t see how many times you’ve died – at least until your match ends – it’s difficult to track this metric over the course of a match. Unless you pay $ 20 for the watch.

Infinity Ward has not indicated why status is absent, but it is likely an attempt to curb toxicity so that players do not get bullied or feel discouraged when they are performing poorly. This is a strategy that other Activision / Blizzard games like Overwatch (which has no scoreboard at all) and Heroes of the Storm (Heroes of the Storm) (which show customized statistics instead of kills and deaths) are pursuing. While these games pursue different goals, the main focus in Modern Warfare’s Team Deathmatch is on getting more kills than the opposing team, making death a critical statistic.

According to the Modern Warfare in-game store, the Time to Die watch is a time-limited watch. Therefore, it is likely to disappear soon. It is unclear whether another fatal clock will replace it or whether the function will simply disappear from the game.

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