Moderna is asking for permission to administer a booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine

Moderna has asked for permission to administer a booster dose of his coronavirus vaccine.

European medical experts recommend giving a booster dose of the Biontech / Fayez or Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 to people with compromised immunity, the European Medicines Agency announced on 4 October 2021.

The announcement came after the agency’s Human Medicines Committee evaluated several studies, which showed that a third dose of these vaccines boosted the production of antibodies to the coronavirus.

The European Medicines Agency has stated that the booster dose should be given at least 28 days after receiving the second dose of the vaccine.

The agency added that a booster dose can be given to those 18 years of age and older who do not have weakened immune systems at least six months after the second dose.

The European Medicines Agency said it was not yet known that heart inflammation or extremely rare side effects had occurred following the administration of booster doses, adding that it has now been closely monitored.

The agency added that, as with all medicines, it continues to monitor the safety and efficacy of vaccines and indicated that each individual EU member state is responsible for administering additional doses of vaccines.

On September 2, Moderna announced that it had submitted preliminary data to the US Drug Agency to obtain a license to administer a third booster dose of its COVID-19 vaccine in the United States.

“We are delighted to begin the license application process,” said Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel, in a note, promising that his company will stay “way ahead of the virus”.

Bancel said the US biotech company provided the agency with the results of the test on nearly 350 participants who received this booster dose six months after the second dose.

Moderna noted that levels of antibodies that fight the virus “dropped significantly” after “about six months” after the second dose.

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