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Mohamed Salah: Our goal is to make the Egyptian people happy in African nations


Cairo: Mohamed Salah, captain of the Egyptian national football team, confirmed that his country aims to obtain positive results in the African Cup of Nations, which will start next Sunday in Cameroon. And the official website of the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports quoted Salah’s statements during a meeting with Ashraf Sobhi, Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, with the players of the (Pharaoh’s) team today, Wednesday, in to which he said: “Our goal is to achieve positive results and make the Egyptian people happy.” The top scorer of the English team Liverpool added that we are at the center of a man, we have high morale and our goal is to make the Egyptian people happy ”. Salah had posted on his personal page on the application (Instagram) a photo of him with the Egyptian national team shirt from one of the previous matches, and had commented: “The road is not easy, but we will fight to return the cup. We ask you to support us. “. For his part, Portuguese coach Carlos Queiroz has pledged to deliver a high technical performance and win the Africa Cup, indicating that he has confidence in all players. “My homeland is Portugal, but when I coach a team, I take off the national team jersey and wear the jersey of the team I coach, and I am currently Egyptian,” said Queiroz, thanking the Minister of Youth and Sports for his support. Egypt, looking to regain their absent title since 2010, kick off their group stage march against their Nigerian counterpart in Group D, which also includes sides from Sudan and Guinea Bissau, next Tuesday. (Dpa)

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