Mohamed Salah’s Statements on the Alcohol Spark Controversy and Confrontation with Abu Trika – (Tweets)

London: The speech by Egyptian national team player Liverpool star Mohamed Salah about his reluctance to drink alcohol without explicitly mentioning his ban sparked widespread controversy and compared with a statement from his colleague in retirement, football star Mohamed Aboutrika “Al Majiko” against homosexuals recently. The controversy witnessed by the communication platforms, until Monday, came after the broadcast of Mohamed Salah’s “Mo” meeting with the Egyptian journalist Amr Adib, which touched on various football and social issues, including the possibility of forcing him to drink alcohol abroad, Salah first denied this and claimed that he himself did not want to try it. This response is between a dialogue that lasted more than an hour, focused by a team who led an attack on communications platforms against Salah’s speech, in exchange for another that has steadfastly defended him, and in the midst of this controversy, Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa issued a statement on Sunday evening, confirming the ban on alcohol. A “religious” attack, Ahmed Hamad said via Twitter: “By the way, O Fakhr al-Arab (nickname of Mohamed Salah), alcohol is prohibited by Sharia law, and this is not in first place in question, and you should be proud to be a Muslim ”. You drink alcohol, why don’t you leave it, so you are #Mohamed_Salah, by the way, pride of the Arabs, alcohol is prohibited by law, yourself, that’s not the problem, in bottom, you should be proud to be a Muslim. – Ahmed Hamad 🇪🇬 (@ ahmed_hamed02) December 5, 2021 Ahmed Khalaf called, through a tweet, a confrontation between “Mo” and “Majico”, saying: “A big difference between Salah’s words (..) on alcohol and Muhammad Abu Trika, who is proud of his Islam and his morals, whatever that may be. The results “, in reference to the refusal of questlast a week ago to support the “Premier League” (the English football league) for homosexuals, and considered contrary to human rights and religions. #Mohamed_Salah A big difference between Salah and Mohamed Abu Trika. His words about alcohol are repeated when he asks for cane juice, but he could say that it is forbidden in the middle of the century and the Sunnah. Mohamed Abu Trika is clear and proud of his Islam and morals. He fears only Almighty God, whatever the results. If he asked for perversions. What is your answer?! / GuvFWCHJC3 – Ahmed Khalaf (@ ahmedkhalef1974) December 5, 2021 Similarly, Egyptian Salafi Sheikh Hatem Al-Huwaini attacked Salah on his Facebook page, saying, “Now I know why this big difference between you and Abu Trika (. .) when Fame is a scourge. Celebrity is ashamed to forcefully display its religion, but attributes the matter to its self-discipline only for fear of attacks from the West. ” A solid defense, in turn, the famous Egyptian doctor, Gamal Shaaban, said on Facebook: “Apart from empty offers and useless comparisons with Abu Trika, I see that Salah’s response is stronger in its content, and in its being. a committed Muslim, and his instincts are consistent with the teachings of his religion, To the extent in which does not even yearn for what is forbidden (..) is the best example of true religion “. In agreement with him, the Egyptian academic, Khaled Refaat Saleh, said on his Facebook page that “there is a systematic campaign against Salah and confrontations with Abu Trika’s honorable stance on gays.” He added: “The question was not originally about the alcohol ban and the answer was excellent for a living person in a Western society that drinks alcohol. “And he continued:” Do not rise on Abu Makkah, who made prostration in the stadiums of England a normal thing for Muslims, who made many people name their daughters Mecca, and who refused honor and awards from the (liquor) company, and that he does not leave the Koran on the plane. ”In the same context, Egyptian opposition journalist Mohamed Talba Radwan said, via Facebook:” Mohamed Salah’s response it is simple and spontaneous, and the answer of an upright, healthy and understanding person (..) does not contain any pretense, hypocrisy. or hypocrisy. “Even the Egyptian sports journalist Hani Hathout, in his television program on the satellite channel Sada El-Balad (in private), he saw that some reactions to Salah’s statement were exaggerated. In the midst of this controversy, Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa commented on his Facebook page, Sunday evening, Monday, saying: “The ban on drinking alcohol is established in the texts of the Koran and Sunnah and in the consensus of Muslims,” ​​stressing ” the severity of the threat to those who drink it “. Among the comments on the fatwa, Muhammad Hashish wrote: Referring to Mohamed Salah’s account, he said: “Religion says forbidden and I don’t like it”, while Ahmed Al-Qaoud added: “Listen, Salah”. Sarah Abdo, in her comment on what the house mentioned, differed, asking, “Does the foreigner not know that it is forbidden in Islam and is waiting for an answer like this (from the house)?” And he continued: “Umm, we’re waiting for someone who thinks to convince his mind that he doesn’t try alcohol or that it’s not important to him or that it’s not healthy and not a necessity,” calling Dar Al -Ifta to do. an effort in international discourse and turn to the West. (Anatolia)

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